See Igbo Masquerade That Looks Just Like A Christmas Tree!!!

Igbos have several charismatic masquerades, including Akunechienyi which carries many masquerades on itself. Bit have you ever seen a masquerade that looks like a tree🌲? Yes like a tree, greens and Christmas Tree shape and all. In fact, I am talking too much. Watch the video link below.

Abule-Ado: FHA Boss Accuses Land-owning Family Of Selling Government Land To The Public

The Federal Government has initiated plans to take over the area of Abule Ado affected by Sunday’s gas explosion.

The acting Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Umar Saliu Buntu, who visited the site of the explosion yesterday accused the original land-owning family of selling Federal Government owned land to unsuspecting members of the public. He said:

“The Amuwo-Odofin residents are claiming ownership while the government has acquired this land for a long time.

“The land spread to the Ojo Cantonment up to Trade Fair but over time, the family (owners) was still selling to members of the public.

“The government is coming back to take charge”…

Victim Tells How His Family Survived Abule Ado Gas Explosion

Chief Emmanuel Ume used to own 2 duplexes, a luxury saloon and a sewing factory at Abule Ado, scene of the terrible gas explosion that wasted lives and property on Sunday. Not any more.

Those properties mentioned above are gone as if they never existed. But fortunately, his family is still intact. None of them died from the explosion. So, let me say: where there is life, there is hope.

What saved them? Ume told

“I had gone to church with my family that Sunday morning and that was what saved me. When we got back, we discovered we had lost everything.

What I and my family are left with is the clothes we wore to church. We want the government to come to our aid.”

This is the way of life. Some are saved because they went somewhere, while others are saved because they stayed back from going somewhere. For example, someone who was supposed to travel but missed an aircrash because some people jumped the ticket-purchase queue.

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