Nigeria Should Have Absorbed Biafran Technology

It is no secret that Biafra was able to create advanced  technologies  during the Nigeria-Biafran War.

The Igbo-led historic State of Biafra created refineries, amoured tanks, mines, rocket launchers, and other avanced technology.

Nigeria should have done what the US did after Germany’s  defeat  in WordPress War 2.

They should have created a programme to lure Biafran scientists and researchers to work on creating first-class Technology for Nigeria.

If that had been done, our economy would have been diversified, and we wouldn’t be faced with the oil-dependent  economy we have now.

I am encouraged  though by the current cooperation between Innoson,  the Nnewi car manufacturers and the Federal Government.

That cooperation should be expanded  so that President Buhari becomes Innoson’s salesman-in-chief, negotiating trade deals for Innoson in other countries. This would boost revenue, exports, the value of the naira, and other key factors of our economy.

Nigeria rise to be a great, rich, industrialised power if we boost what we have.

Good morning, Nigeria.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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