English Was Developed From Igbo-Base-8 Code – OnyeOGA

Today we bring you an excerpt from the Igbo historical authority ‘OnyeOGA’ who stated on Nairaland that the English Language was developed from Igbo-Base-8 code.

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It is known that the earliest people = Kwa (Akwa -Nshi) Kwushi Kush bu ndi gboo bU ndi mBU = first people, bu ndi nGBOchi = the saviors who travelled
out of Igboland often name where they settled, depending on the result from the situation that warranted their stay and survival in the new land.

Nobody knows the accurate meaning of “NUBIA”. This is where Nwa Di Ala, like myself comes in to
help the world. If I add N or U in front of Nubia, you will get “uNubia or nNubia” Literal Igbo translation: “IN MASSES, YOU ALL SHOULD COME.”

NUBIA means come and follow along. That’s how we got them together and built ancient Khemet. Inside Nubia, there you’ll find all early African tribes travelling to build Khemet. Igbo, Yoruba, Akan, Fante, Dogon, Fulani etc. Anyanwu from Amana-Igbo, to when we traded with the Greeks, in Khemet, who couldn’t pronounce “Igbo.”

Rather, from their own sound flux system is “Hebo = Yebu = Hebrew,” couldn’t
pronounce Anyanwu, but rather “Yahweh” from their own sound flux system. To a language developed from Igbo-Base-8 code, English, “I am that I am” =Anyanwu never spoke nor said the name “God.”

Uptil today, Europeans still can’t pronouce a tonal
sound. Igbo is still Ibo or Hebo, to them.

Note one thing: English has several words borrowed/adopted from European languages like French and Latin.

Now that you’ve noted that, let’s continue:

Prof Catherine Acholonu said the Igbos were Ndi Gbo, the first men. Do you think OnyeOGA is correct, being that Igboukwu culture dates back to the times of the great Viking invasions of a still awakening Britain -and other parts of Europe- and Alfred the Great? In order words, the English name Ada, did it come from the Igbo name Ada?

Source: https://www.nairaland.com/5404983/first-igbos-judeo-nubian-egyptian-origin/2

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