Jamaican Afro Americans Video

Video: Jamaican Afro American Slangs Explained + The One You Should Never Say…

Jamaican Afro Americans have one of the sweetest slangs in the world called Patua. Hollywood films have been acted glorifying Patua.

We happened to find the video below that explains some Jamaican Patua, including a phrase the presenter says foreigners should never use on a Jamaican in Jamaica.

Watch below:

Jamaican Afro Americans

Savouring The Victory Of Miss Jamaica In Miss World Contest

Jamaican Afro Americans

How Afro American Jamaica Became A World Leader In Sports & Music

[Founding father] Manley was a talented athlete, and he promoted track and field as part of the formation of an independent national identity.

Around this grew a nationwide infrastructure of running associations. Where institutions failed the economy, they proved to be champions in fostering athletics.

In a similar vein, Patterson also looks at how the music industry has had enormous success beyond Bob Marley’s hits, in spite of the island’s limited resources.


Equianoism is the answer. Coincidentally Equiano was an Igbo Jamaican.