Business Tips Lebanese And Chinese Are Using To Survive In Nigeria

Success in Business is all about quality information.

Most Nigerians lack access to information and some
who have information are not able to raise capital to
bring their dreams into reality. Read this interesting

“Recently I was telling a friend that Cool FM,
Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info, Wazobia TV, Cool Link,
Chocolate Royal, etc., are all owned by an individual.
The guy shouted that this couldn’t be true!

So, when I further told him that these companies
are infact owned by a foreigner, a Lebanese, the guy
almost punched my fine face.
Most Nigerians currently feel like hanging Mr.

Particularly, the importers, due to the dollar rise.
I’ve been feeling the same way too, until I had an
encounter with a Chinese guy, and I’ve since realized
that i was just naive.

This Chinese guy has a factory that manufactures
furniture here in Nigeria. One of his raw materials is
wood, which he sources from Nigeria, because
Nigerian wood is cheap and of the best quality.

But he has to import other accessories.
However, one of the amazing things he does, since
the rise of the dollar, is that he has been importing
accessories, yet he has not increased the price of his

How come?

The guy has put his wife in charge of the factory,
while he spends most of his time in Shagamu, Ogun
State, buying timber and exporting to China.

The money from the exported timber that was
supposed to be transferred back to him here in
Nigeria, is being used to buy the furniture
accessories he uses for production.

By so doing, he doesn’t need to buy dollar.

So he told me: “Emmanuel, I don’t have problem
with dollar rising to N500…because I don’t need it
for anything.”

He said his Indian friend does the same thing with
Ginger export.

So the Indians, the Chinese and the Lebanese are
busy coming up with strategies that have defied the
dollar challenge, while Nigerians are shouting
‘dollar is high’.

Well…here’s food for thought o, my fellow

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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