“Why Is Africa Gullible?” – Reno Omokri Defends Bill And Melinda Gates And Their Foundation

Former Presidential aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has come out to defend the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation and its founder, Bill Gates.

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Recall that former Presidential spokesman to President Obasanjo, Femi Fani Kayode has described Bill and Melinda Gates as satanic and demonic. Taking to his Twitter handle, Fani Kayode wrote, “The Bible says “the GATES of hell shall not prevail!”. Bill & Melinda, no matter how much money, power and influence you posses and no matter how many denomic, satanic & occultic forces you control, you shall NOT prevail. I say it again, the Gates of hell shall not prevail.”

But in his reaction, Omokri asks “why Africa is so gullible” and act on what he described as “the strangest rumour”. In a lengthy rebuttal, Reno also said that Bill Gates is not forcing the Nigerian government to force all Nigerians to take coronavirus vaccination. See all he said.


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Why Is Africa so gullible? We just believe and act on the strangest rumour? Bill Gates does NOT have a vaccine. Bill Gates has NOT said he wants to try his vaccine (which he does not yet have) in Africa. It is the Nigerian government that is pushing for compulsory vaccination‬. It has NOTHING to do with Bill Gates. Bill Gates does NOT lend money to any government. He is NOT arm twisting the Nigerian government to come up with a bill to make vaccination compulsory. Yes, some people protested against Bill Gates in America. Has it occurred to you that more people have protested against Christ in America than have protested against Bill Gates? So, once a group of people protest against you in America, it justifies Africans hating you? Our ignorance in Africa is heavily pregnant! #AppreciatingBillGates

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