Trump predicted that Anthony Weiner will bring down Hillary Clinton’s Huma Abedin

Is Donald Trump clairvoyant or what!? In 2013 he predicted that Anthony Weiner would ‘destroy’ Hillary Clinton’s close aide Huma Abedin, whom he had married. Guess what, in 2016, three years later, exactly that seems to be about to happen, as the FBI has announced that they have some emails that may bring down Huma’s boss Hillary Clinton.

It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump has some great powers of predicting the future.

Latest Polls Show Trump Almost Catching Up With Clinton

By Scott Clement and Emily Guskin October 29 at 7:00 AM
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are separated by only two percentage points in a new Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll, ending a week in which the race has tightened as core Republican groups have returned to Trump’s fold.

Likely voters split 47 percent for Clinton and 45 percent for Trump, according to the survey conducted Monday through Thursday. That’s little changed from a 48-44 split in Friday’s results, but a substantial tightening since last weekend when Clinton led by a wide margin.

Trump is the new comeback kid.

Source: Article Helps Buhari-Osinbajo And Innoson Lure $1 Billion Investment To Nigeria

On April 1, I wrote on this blog that during his foreign trips President Buhari should see himself as Nigeria’s Salesman-In-Chief, and should carry Innoson and other local companies along on such trips to sign deals.

I frowned at  the traditional restriction of foreign trips by Nigerian presidents to sourcing for foreign investment, and argued that President Buhari should also use such trips to get deals for Nigerian companies, and I listed my reasons for that arguement. See the article below:

Buhari Becoming Nigeria’s Salesman-In-Chief

The job of a salesman is to go out, meet people for the purpose of getting orders for the organization’s goods and services. Just read that EU may soon begin to allow the import of our beans into its territory.

That is great, and since it is likely as a result of President Buhari’s networking abroad (I can remember his recent trip to the EU Parliament), that shows that he is really working to sell Nigeria in his foreign trips.I remember writing recently that Buhari should become chief salesman for Nigeria’s indigenous car manufacturer, Innoson abroad, the way other industrial-nation presidents market their country’s products on foreign trips.
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Erdogan Regrets Turkey’s Lausanne Treaty; Recalls Great Ottoman Past

Is Turkey’s Erdogan trying to rebuild the Ottoman Empire? Just this afternoon he said Alepo in Syria, and Mosul in Iraq belong to the Turkish people. In this link Erdogan is also critisizing the Lausanne Treaty that defines Turkey’s border with Greece, parts of which were once in the Ottoman Empire. All three countries (Syria, Iraq and Greece, at one time or the other, fully or partially, were part of the Turkish rooted Ottoman Empire). Continue reading “Erdogan Regrets Turkey’s Lausanne Treaty; Recalls Great Ottoman Past”