Tuface Has Always Wanted To Be President Of Nigeria

We who listen for the real message behind music have known for a long time that Tuface Idibia wants to be President of Nigeria. He has wanted it for a long long time. Perhapse, he is looking at 2019. Maybe we will see a Tuface-Akbabio combination?

How did we know? He started campaigning codedly for it years ago with his song, For Instance, were he sang: For instance, Say na me be Baale of Nigerians. Say na me be one wey dey make plan. Say I go create a scenery where better go plenty. Make we dey give chance. Instead to dey pack the money go France. To make suffer to full in abundance. To make me run run away. To a place where ebi sayI go feel like Europeans. Where them go respect my skills for instance. Where them no go dey play pranks.Ontop people wey work the way. Wey give them the keyTo chop substance. As them know say we be freelance. Their looting no dey give us assurance.Repentance no dey their plane. E dey create annoyance for my heartSo Ala Oyi e!

If that is not a presidential campaign pitch, then I wonder what is? ‘Baale’ is the Yoruba word for ‘King’; and since Nigeria is not a kingdom, the nearest thing to Baale is President. So, Tuface was not just singing years ago when he dropped this hint. He was watering the ground. He was telling us that one day he will join politics and shoot for the highest level.

You only need to watch the popular Tuface energy he is putting into this political dance called Tuface protest to know that this dance is not about money. It is about something deeper. He doesn’t care about arrest or anything, and is putting in a ‘no going back’ determination.

But he doesn’t nessesarily need to run for president to make a real change ingovernance nationwide. Look at Adams Oshiomhole. He didn’t run for President. He used Edo State to make a change. Zikist Movement believes leaders can lead by example from any position by being models to their fellow leaders. As Zik taught us, we can lead by just showing the light so that the people can find the way. Tuface should campaign for the Senate in 2019, not the Presidency.

He doesn’t need to make Akbabio his Vice Presidential candidate. There is so much he and Akpabio can do in the Senate partnering together. Like ensuring that tneFederal Government financialy empowers the herdsmen to buy land from willing sellers, rather than politicize herdsmen’s business with the unpopular grazing reserves effort.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


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