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Yoga pose goes wrong, leads to stroke

A popular yoga instructor tried an extreme yoga pose. It burst a neck vein and led to a stroke.

See full story here.

In the link, she tells us what she thinks went wrong, and how we can avoid a similar fate.


How Stephen Keshi’s Death Put Me Off Exersice For A Few Days

Stephen Keshi (RIP) was an avid sportsman, and one of the strong points of sportsmen is that they place a premium on being fit. Exercise becomes part of their work.

Stephen Keshi died at 52 fro cardiac arrest, and this is a man who was a professional footballer for years.

The question that I have not been able to answer in the past few days is: If a physically fit former football star and coach can die from cardiac arrest at 52, where does that leave us that are not football stars Рwe that manage to exercise only once in a while?

I am sure you have been asking yourself that question. God save us all, But one thing I decided is that I will keep exercising. My faith in exercise may have been shaken in the past few days, but we just can’t stop exercising. We must continue to believe in the benefits of exercise (and I have seen its benefits first hand).

Celebrities Development

For married women: How to have an amazing body like Igbo singer Ufuoma Mcdermott , even after 2 kids!

This is a lesson to some of those moms that just allow their bodies to go after they begin giving birth. The truth is that you can still have an amazing body after childbirth if you do 2 things.

 1. You need to remain fashionable and keep dressing smart and not become one of those mama wrappers whose only fashion ensemble is the wrappers that they wrap around their bodies from morning to night.

How will Oga now see those super curves that first attracted you to him, if they are covered up in layers of wrapper? Dress smart. I didn’t say trashy or classless – I said smart. When you dress fashionable, oga is likely to thirst and hunger after you, in a way that would make you tell him to ‘leave you alone joor(wink).

2.Excercise. Look at the amazing slim curves of Ufuoma after 2 kids. She gives us a clue as to how she does it. by exercise and physical activity.

I’m just a man who wants the best for you, that’s why I have given you these 2 pieces of advice. Follow them please.

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