Is Putin about copy Suu Kyi’s power model and become State Councillor?

As Putin prepares for the end of his second term, he has called for the Russian State Council, an advisory body, to be given constitutional authority.

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Why The Blockchain Is Becoming Very Profitable In Argentina

Cryptocurrencies are currently doing very well in Argentina, and both foreign and local crypto projects are smiling to the bank. See why.


Mexico’s second president was Afro American, but keeps being painted as white today

According to a Mexican Afro American (Afro Mestizo) photographer, Mexico’s second president, Vincente Guerrero keeps being painted and depicted as white when he was in fact black.

Hugo Arellanes, a photographer who works with the activist organization Huella Negra, or Black Footprint, says, “We are affected by the fact that Vicente Guerrero is not recognized as an Afro-descendant. He keeps being painted as white in the pictures in where he is presented as the president of the republic, and the same goes for Jose Maria Morelos.”

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The question is, why the whitewash? We already know the truth. Mexican Afro Americans should produce paintings of Vincente Guerrero as black. Thats what he was.


Guys, is the taboo against left-handedness not outdated?

See this extract below:

Using the left hand: Using the left hand to do anything is forbidden in Igboland and strictly prohibited – regardless of the fact that the individual may be left-handed. A left-handed individual is trained or oriented to learn the use of the right hand in eating, writing, giving and accepting things. Elders deeply frown on giving or taking things with the left hand because it is considered most disrespectful and unfortunate.

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Now, isn’t this discriminatory against left-handed individuals? Think am na?


Blogger claims price of goods in Nigeria are about to crash – see why

A blogger has claimed the price of goods in Nigeria are about to crash. He claimed for example that:

Soon you will be buying that techno phone you bought at N80,000 for N12,000.

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