Open Letter To Jeb Bush: Why You Should Endorse Trump & Run For The Senate Soonest

Greetings Jeb!

A few months ago, I published an article in which I argued that you should in the nearest future save your family from political oblivion in the Trump Era by running for a senate seat.

I said you should model himself as the conservative lion of the senate, the same way Ted Kennedy modeled himself as the liberal lion after losing his bid for the US presidency – keeping the Kennedy Hyannis Port flame alive. We asked you, Jeb, to do for Kennebunkport what Ted did for Hyannis port.

Since then, Sir,  I have not seen any sign that you read my article. True my favorite candidate from the Republican Party primaries this year was Donald Trump, but I have always had a soft spot for the Bush dynasty and believe that perhaps, this just wasn’t your time. You still have many more years in which you can run and win.

Look, Jacques Chirac of France won the French presidency on his third try. Muhammadu Buhari, my president won only after failing 3 times, within the space of 12 years. Hillary Clinton is making her second try, maybe she will triumph, maybe she won’t (Trump Is Just Formidable), but at least she is trying, and she has had a lot of support from her rival in 2008, Barack Obama. That  is because after losing to Obama in 2008, Hillary still endorsed Obama at the convention with a beautiful, gracious speech, and supported his candidacy.

Hillary didn’t allow a loss of political capital to stop her from investing for the future, and now Donald Trump will tell you she is reaping the dividends of that investment, via steadfast support from Obama. That’s the kind of support Al Gore would have needed to beat your brother in 2000, but didn’t get because of subtle differences he had with outgoing President Bill Clinton.

Today she is Democratic nominee. Jeb Bush I ask you to go out on Convention Day and throw your support behind Trump, your party’s candidate. Who knows, after he might have served for 8 years, he might reward you the way Obama has rewarded Hillary Clinton.

Years ago, some friends told me this: They said that the downfall of a man is not the end of the man. There is still a lot of time. Nelson Mandela said that it is not how low a man falls but how high eh bounces that matters.

We beg you to show grace at the coming convention in Cleveland by endorsing Trump. And we ask you to keep the flame of Kennebunkport. Compassionate Conservatism still has a place if you endorse Trump and head to the senate, or the Trump administration.

You may feel you have let down your family,  but the responsibility to provide what is widely seen as the Republican equivalent of the Kennedy family rests on your shoulders. When Ted Kennedy couldn’t do it by becoming president, he did it by becoming a long time senator, and not even the possibility of a second Clinton presidency can diminish the laurels of that family in the eyes of the American people.


Prince Charles Offokaja,

Nigerian blogger and avid fan of US style politics









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