How To Effect State Boundary Adjustment According To The Constitution

If you feel the boundary of your state has been carved out unfairly, the Constitution has a procedure to follow to change it. It may or may not get you what you want – majority carries the vote. But see it below:

An Act of the National Assembly for the purpose of boundary adjustment of any existing State shall only be passed if-

(a) a request for the boundary adjustment, supported by two-thirds majority of members (representing the area demanding and the area affected by the boundary adjustment) in each of the following, namely-

(i) the Senate and the House of Representatives,

(ii) the House of Assembly in respect of the area, and

(iii) the local government councils in respect of the area. is received by the National Assembly; and

(b) a proposal for the boundary adjustment is approved by –

(i) a simple majority of members of each House of the National Assembly, and

(ii) a simple majority of members of the House of Assembly in respect of the area concerned

Their should be an amendment to remove the requirement of two thirds majority for House of Reps and Senate. It should only be legislators from the area who get to vote.

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