How Benue State Government ‘maintains the ozone layer’

I didn’t know that the Benue State Government maintains the ozone layer that protects the world from the sun’s direct rays! If that is so, the world should come down to pay Benue State a lot of money (trillions o US Dollars) for that planet-saving operation .

According to Daily Post, Terna Francis, the media assistant to the Chairman of the Benue State Internal Revenue Service, Mrs Mimi Orubibi (not Orubebe),  in explaining why the board receives N50,000 Naira tax yearly for electricity generating sets from private residents and up to N150,000 Naira from business outfits, said the money was meant for the maintenance of the ozone layer, a cloud which protects the earth from the sun’s direct rays.

Francis who was addressing the press said, “When these levies are collected, they are channeled towards the maintenance of the ozone layer to avoid natural disaster”.

When asked to elaborate on how the Benue State Government does that exactly, the man, perhaps sensing that he had said something awful kept muteLet us suggest that the right quarters send a high powered delegation, to his doorstep so that he can explain more.

The melting of the ozone layer is said to have led to what is described today as global warming, a situation where warmer temperatures lead to more rains, floods, melting ice caps in the North Pole, less snow and el nino, among many other unsavoury conditions we are experiencing in the world today.

Global warming is said to have come about as a result of greenhouse gases. That is the gases that escape into the atmosphere when we put on our air conditions, and when our exhausts belch out smoke, and more so, when industries burn chemicals as they manufacture cars, computers, and other goods.

When it comes to globals warming, relatively non-industrialized countries like Nigeria are bit players. The biggest players include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other industrial giants.

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