BBNaija: What Housemates Should Do To Stop Their Fame From Fading

When you are a musician, you can renew your fame by bringing out a new track or album.

When you are an actress, you can renew your fame by acting in another film.

But when you are an ex Big Brother housemate, you cannot return to a new Big Brother house. The shot to fame is once. Davido sang a song last year, and will sing one next year, but Mercy cannot return to BBNaija as a housemate.

Unfortunately, a BBNaija Housemate cannot renew fame through the way they got it.

Therefore, to renew your fame, you have to … Continue reading in the link below:

quickly find another way, if you want to remain a celebrity.

Actors are famous for acting films; musicians are famous for singing songs. BBNaija housemates are famous for living in the BBNaija house for a 3-month period in their lives. After that, they can only return to the house as guests.

So, find another way to renew/maintain your fame. Fame is the only passport to your celebrity status. But fame fades. For most Big Brother housemates, the fame begins to fade when a new set of BBNaija housemates are chosen to live in the house. But you can prolong yours if you follow my advice.

From the tasks performed it is clear that Seyi has a broadcaster’s voice. So, he can go into voice acting like Bisi Olatilo.

Thelma is a great dancer. So is Tuoyo. They can go into the dance sector.

Mercy would have been good in dancing, but her twerking can become a bit boring and should not be danced in front of kids. But she is good in acting. I like the way she acted in one of the tasks.

Mercy can act old women’s roles in Nollywood movies, giving advice to younger ones. When she acted that role of an old woman in the BBNaija acting task with Elo, she reminded several fans I know of Toun Oni and Patience Ozokwor.

Mike will make a celebrity fitness instructor. He should consider adding a gym to his business empire.

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