Trump getting it right with US economy, but must make sure poorer Americans really benefit

President Donald Trump has presided over a period of unprecedented growth in the US. Wall Street are smiling very broadly to the banks. But to millions, the economy hasn’t yet impacted them in concrete direct ways. Many are living from had to mouth. In an era when China is pulling 20 million people a year from poverty, millions of Americans feel they have been abandoned in it.

America’s Federal Reserve has reported that 40 percent of Americans don’t have $400 in disposable income to pay for an unexpected expense. So, they can’t afford to pay for a medical emergency or a car repair.

A report in USA Today discloses that 43 percent of American households live from hand to mouth. They can’t afford to pay for food, rent, child care, health care, transportation and their cell phone without going into borrowing.

Also, almost 50% of elderly Americans don’t have any retirement savings. They don’t know how they will be able to retire in dignity.

Young people are not left out. Hundreds of thousands can’t go to college. This is due to the cost. Also, millions that manage to go are dealing with unforgiving student debt.

The United States is the only major country on earth thar doesn’t guarantee health care to all. More than 30 million Americans don’t have health insurance.  Many more are under-insured. Very disturbing is the fact that one out of five Americans can’t afford the medicine prescribed by their doctors!

President Trump really needs to do more. He needs to make sure his economic policies reach the people in the bottom in more and more meaningful ways.

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