Take the N5b seized tires, 4000 crushed motorcycles to Aba, Nnewi

The Federal Government has just seized substandard tyres worth N5 billion from some Chinese importers. The Lagos State Government has just seized 4000 motorcycles belonging to notorious Okada riders.

Instead of burning the tyres and burying the crushed motorcycles (yes, they should be crushed to prevent some wicked soul from smuggling them out to use them to maim or kill people), these goods should be sent to the industrial cities of Aba and Nnewi, where they would be recycled and used to produce goods that would be sold cheaper to Nigerians.

I agree with the Governor of Abia State on this. Let us not waste, especially in these lean times. Let us save some dollars we would have used to import rubber and metals. We need as much forex as we can save.


It’s Great To Be Igbo (A Nam Anwuri Na Ndi Opobo Bu Ndi Igbo)- Opobo Indigene

Editor’s Note: Otutu ndi a try go ka ha kewa ndi Igbo. Ha puta, ha a na asi na ndi Opobo abughi ndi Igbo. Mana Ada anyi bu Dr Tina Edmunds-Ogbuokiri aputa go we menye ha ifele na aru. Dr Tina bu onye Igbo si na ala Jaja a n’akpo Opobo, mere k’anyi Mata na ndi Opobo cheta ndi ha bu, n’agbanyehi na ‘otutu ndi’ n’acho I dufu ha n’ezigbo uzo. Gwuo ihe Dr anyi kwuru n’oyibo.

It’s a great blessing to be IGBO!
I can tell you a million and one reasons why I relish being IGBO!
In my next twenty lifetimes, I would love to still remain IGBO!
We are like the Jews. Anytime a group is persecuted, guess what?, they become stronger in virtually all aspects of life.

My story will be short because I have clients (HIV-infected professionals and non-HIV clients) waiting for me.


Why The Media Needs To Stop Being Too Critical Of Trump

A recent survey by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News found that more than 50% of those surveyed said the media are being too critical of President Trump and his administration. And a similar amount—53%—said that the media’s coverage has overblown any problems within the Trump government.

I said during the closing of the 2016 elections that the media, not the Democratic Party, would become the main opposition to Donald Trump after he wins, and I have been proven right. But is it helping the media. Americans seem to be seeing that their is an overdrive by certain sections of the media in criticizing Trump, as if they are out to get him, not to hold him to account as should be the normal job of the media.

The media has to be very careful in how they do this Trump thing, because just as real political parties suffer for things like this (remember the Clinton impeachment blowback against the Republicans) the media can also suffer from being politically over exposed.


Federal Government Introduces N5000 Bond For Small Investors

The Federal Government of Nigeria has concluded arrangements to launch its first-ever savings bonds into the domestic bond market next month, providing the retail investing public opportunity to invest in sovereign bond issue for as low as N5,000.

Market sources and parties to the savings bonds, to be known as Federal Government of Nigeria Savings Bond (FGNSCB), said the issuance of the savings bond could start next month as the government and its professional parties have concluded the pre-offer process for the bond.

The savings bond will bear all the regular features of a national bond, including the zero default rate of a sovereign issuance, fixed coupon or interest rate, privileges and exemptions from certain taxes and levies, as outlined by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) and other government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).
The Debt Management Office (DMO), which oversees issuance of Federal Government bonds, will be issuing the savings bonds on behalf of national government.

A copy of the issuance documents obtained at the weekend by The Nation indicated that the FGNSB is deliberately targeted at the lower income earners as part of government’s plan to encourage savings and also earn more income from their savings compared with savings accounts with banks.

The bonds will be issued with a tenor (period) of between two to three years and a minimum size (amount that can be purchased) of investment of N5,000 and maximum of N50 million.
The interest rate, which will be fixed, will be paid quarterly, enhancing the attraction of the savings bond as grassroots instrument for the general public.

The attractions of the savings bonds, according to the issuance documents, included guaranteed returns, competitive fixed interest rate, tax exemption for the interest incomes and collateral for loans.

The retail savings bonds will, in addition, encourage financial inclusion among low income households and enable the public to enjoy those benefits which accrue to high net-worth investors in the capital market.

read the rest here: :

Editors Note: The good thing about sovreign bonds is that they are guaranteed investments. This means that unless the world suddenly comes to an end, you will make your profit. Bonds are not
Like pyramid schemes that could suddenly crash, trapping your life savings.

So people, Zikist Movement has shown you the financial light. You can take it to find your financial way.


JTF destroys 3 private refineries in Niger Delta

The Joint Military Task Force (JTF) said on Saturday in Yenagoa that it had destroyed three illegal oil refineries in Rivers and Delta States.

JTF Spokesman , Maj. Abubakar Abdullahi told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that:

Troops of the Nigerian Naval Ship (NNS) Delta carried out a raid on two refineries along LAPASE CREEK in Warri South of Delta State.