“Why There Are So Many Rich Igbos”

A Twitter user using the moniker Ugomma @HeartOfGoId_ has revealed the reason why there are so many rich Igbo people.

According to her, Igbos have a lot of rich people because the wealthy help to train half of the boys in their village, and then once the trained become rich they help to train the other half.

Ugomma said, “Once rich igbo man will train half the boys in his village. Those ones will become rich and train the other half. That’s why there are a lot of rich Igbo people. Most of them don’t even have degrees but they’II floor you with their business acumen”.

Igbo Defender’s Comment:

What Ugomma has described is what is called Generous Equianoism. We have been teaching on Igbodefender.com for years that generosity is one of the 3 planks of Igbo and Afro American extraordinary achievement.

This is why in his Ted Talk, US journalist Neuwirth described the Igbo race as the world’s largest business incubator.

This is why the Ooni of Ife described the Igbos as the first to find wealth on earth. Because of Equianoism. Everyone can practice Equianoism and reap its bountiful fruits.

If you want to get extraordinary achievement tomorrow (not the ordinary variety) practicing generosity. You might be surprised…

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst