Will it be Clinton or Trump? Plus why Obama should visit Nigeria asap

Today the US goes to elect a new president. Barrak Obama, the first Black president is on his way out, but has fought tirelessly for Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated in the 2008 Democratic primaries. This tireless fighting is partly because a  Clinton win is the only way he can hope that his legacy as POTUS outlives him.

Donald Trump, who has been the voice of so many conservatives also hopes that he will win. His supporters are diehard followers of his politics, and have stuck with him till the very end.

So, who will win? Is it the outsider who has never held political office in his life but who has struck a cord with a sizable section of America? Or will it be the first woman to have a realistic choice of becoming POTUS, due to her tireless political fight for the liberal causes she believes in? Only the American people can decide. We will soon know their decision.

What New POTUS May Mean For Nigeria
There is a significant perception seen clearly online that with a Trump win, there will be more sympathy for the Biafran independence cause, while Hillary Clinton is percieved as someone who will continue Barrak Obama’s campaign for gay marriage acceptance in Africa.

As for outgoing President Obama, I feel that he made a strategic error in not visiting Nigeria all this while. Many Nigerians feel that the first black president of the world’s most powerful country should have made an effort to visit Nigeria.

Obama is adviced to squeeze out time in his remaining days in office to come pay his respects to Nigeria as a true son of Africa, to prevent people from saying very uncomplimentary things about him when he as ex-president finnally decides to come and give speech in Nigeria. Nigerians are very likely to stand up and query him for not coming to the country while he was president even on stage, causing embarrassment to him.

President Clinton, inspite of all his fights against Abacha, came down to Nigeria during the ebbing days of his presidency. President Bush the second also came down to Nigeria (remember the Andrew Sullivan speech). Obama should better come to Nigeria before he leaves office to assuage some that feel he has disrespected the giant of Africa.

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