What A visiting Frenchman Said About The Igbos In The Nineteenth Century

In the middle nineteenth cebtury (1800s) a Frenchman was visiting Igbo Land, and he studied Igbo Village Government -which like that of ancient Greece was a direct democracy- and he came out with the opinion that the Igbos know what true liberty means, what true freedom means.

He said, “True liberty exists in Igbo Land, though its name is not inscribed in any monument.”

What he was trying to say was that the Igbos are equal to the French who donated the world famous Statue of Liberty in New York and the Americans who got it because they understand what liberty is all about (it is not about threatning people because they are very successful).

And he is right. The Igboman feels free to go anywhere and succeed. He feels the world is his playground – even though he has to be a bit more careful in certain places. 😉

The Igbo man also believes in fairness to others. Look at how Nnamdi Azikiwe the Zik of Africa, and made a Fulani Prince Mayor of Enugu, the political capital of Igbo Land in the 1950s.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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