The Native Igbo Of Equatorial Guinea

Igbo of Equatorial Guinea
The Igbos of Equatorial Guinea are primarily of Arochukwu descent.
Did you know that the Igbo are the third largest group in Equatorial Guinea, an oil-rich country in the Gulf of Guinea?
Yes, they, number 33,500 according to 2015 population figures. This is in a nation of 1.2 million notable people.
These Igbos should be given permanent membership in Ohaneze and the World Igbo Congress, as it is their right.

Notable Figures
One of their notable figures is William Napoleon Barleycorn de Fernando Po.
Barleycorn (1848–1925), born in Santa Isabel, Fernando Po, Spanish Guinea, a nwa afor Igbo, was a Methodist missionary.
He went to Fernando Po (now known as Bioko) in the early 1880s. From Bioko, he travelled to Edinburgh University.

Equatorial Guinea is in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa.

The Igbos of Equatorial Guinea occupy a small area in Bioko. Most of them migrated to Bioko from Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria.
They speak Igbo language primarily. They practice marginal Christianity.
Bioko, formerly known as Fernando Po, is a region in Equatorial Guinea.
Most people in Bioko conduct their daily lives in either Fang, Bubi, or Igbo, all of which are in the Bantu family of languages.

You can watch this video below of our Igbo brethren of Equatorial Guinea. Enjoy:

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  1. Igbos are truly a great tribe. Igbo stories are stories of a great past, and a present filled with potentials. Every country must realise that Igbos, with their culture, are an asset that should be nurtured.

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