Couple ROKSIE WIN ULTIMATE LOVE 2020 + Their Difficult Road To Victory

Rosie and Kachi have won Ultimate Love 2020. IykeResa came in second.

With that, ROKSIE have won N5 million, N10 million wedding sponsorship, and a brand new house 🏠.

The road for the victorious couple was not easy. They were both up for possible eviction in the first ever checkout of the show after their initial partners in the love pad dumped them.

But when they were given 5 minutes to choose themselves or get thrown out, they gripped a lifeline that lasted until today’s victory.

Kachi made it part of his mission to comfort Rosie who felt jilted by her intitial partner, David. David had dumped her for Presh Talker, the lady with the sleepy eyes.

Kachi presented a shoulder for Rosie to cry on in those sad days, and wholeheartedly joined her later nomination war against Presh Talker and David that lasted for several nominations.

As a result, Rosie saw in Kachi, the man who would accept her for what she is. She saw in Kachi a man who would accept her 2 previous children as if they were his. No, a man who would make her 2 children fully his.

Congrats, ROKSIE! May you and yours live happily ever after.

Ultimate Love: The N100,000 Given To ObiEbi, JeLo, Too Small

MultiChoice gave JerAton N600,000 and JayKech N500,000, but gave both ObiEbi and JeLo N100,000 each. Why?

Na wa o. What can they use N100,000 to do? At least, the least anount that should be in those suitcases for the game of chance should have been N300,000.

N100,000 is too small, biko.

Ultimate Love Nominations: JAYKECH Plans Surprise Attack On BOLAR, ROCKSIE Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s Sunday Nominations have not yet come but we already know who JAYKECH will nominate if they are not checked out of the Love Pad.

Jay of JAYKECH was speaking to his woman Nk this morning about tomorrow’s nomination, and these are the main points he made:

  • He spent Saturday reconciling with their enemies like BOLAR and ROCKSIE, so they will decide not to nominate JAYKECH. But ‘unknown to them’ JAYKECH will nominate them so that he Jay, can get his own ‘pound of flesh’.
  • The calculation behind this move is that after tomorrow’s nomination, there will be no other nominations before the finals. This means that BOLAR and ROCKSIE would not be able to return the favour to JAYKECH.
  • Jay told his woman Nk that he calculates that if they survive Check Out tomorrow, as a result of his reconciliatory moves, they would get at most only one nomination, enabling them to sail through to the finals. (This appears to be a miscalculation as Aunty specifically said there are 2 more nomination rounds left, not one.)
  • JAYKECH allies PRESHDAVID and DOUBLECHRIS will not be a target of JAYKECH nomination strategy.

Given Nk’s submissive nature to Jay, BOLAR and ROCKSIE are in for a counter hit tomorrow courtesy of JAYKECH and their allies.

Given Saturday’s reconciliation, is not known if BOLAR and ROCKSIE have any inkling that JAYKECH is planning a surprise attack on them tomorrow.