What’s An Air Defence Identification Zone, And How Are They Created?

Today, we bring you awareness of another term in International Politics. Air Defence Identification Zone. So, what is an Air Defence Identification Zone?

An air defence identification zone is an area outside of a country’s territory and national airspace – but where foreign aircraft are still identified, monitored, and controlled in the interest of national security.

How are they created?

It is self-declared and technically remains international airspace.

Are they universally recognised by sovereign states?

It depends. For instance, Taiwan – which officially calls itself the Republic of China (ROC), and sees itself as a sovereign state – created one.

But China (officially the People’s Republic of China – PRC) doesn’t recognise it because it sees Taiwan as a province within the People’s Republic.

Recently, Chinese military aircraft conducted war games in Taiwan’s self-declared Air Defence Identification Zone. Taiwan in response scrambled its jets and monitored the exercise.

Do you think the response would have been different if China’s had actually flown over Taiwanese territory, rather than the Air Defence Identification Zone? Tell us in the comments.

Macron Now Understands That Trump Sees The US As The New West

France’s Macron has called for Europe to pick up a more independent defence strategy that depends less on the US.

We have stated on this site that Trump sees the US as the new West. The old Transatlantic West is frozen for now (perhaps till Trump leaves the White House).

The only West Trump is interested in is the US Mid West. Trump has replaced NATO with MAGA.

Coronavirus: Texas Moves To End Oil War Between Russia And Saudi Arabia

An oil commisioner of Texas, a state in the US has held talks with the Russia’s energy minister to find ways to end the oil war between Russia and OPEC power Saudi Arabia He is also scheduled to speak with the Saudi oil minister on the same issue.

Behaving Like A Country

While Texas is just a state within the US, its initiative has been respected because apart from Saudi Arabia, no other country in OPEC produces more oil than Texas.

Texas is particularly concerned because it faces huge job losses if oil prices continue being low.

Many Texas-based oil companies have fallen into financial difficulty in this coronavirus period as the virus and the oil war, has caused oil prices to crash globally.

Coronavirus is making national players become international actors.