Substandard Nokia Phones In Computer Village, Lagos

About 2 months ago, I bought a  Nokia phone in Computer Village, Lagos. Within the twinkle of an eye it just stopped working. It just refused to turn on… till now. Before that, 2 weeks or so after buying the phone its battery area became loose, and it could be fully charged and still go off once the battery moves. Even when I stuffed paper in the area in a bid to help Nokia do its job, the battery kept shifting.

I can remember the day I bought this phone. The battery that came with the phone was faulty.

We had to change its battery because it turned out to be faulty. In fact, we had to change several batteries before I settled for one that was ‘okay’. Nokia phone o.

This is not the Nokia I used to know, and it seems they are beginning to fall for unscrupulous Nigerian businessmen who deliberately order substandard phones from manufacturers at beat down prices. Or is an official in the company selling factory floor rejects of Nokia phones to heartless Nigerian businessmen, who then sell the phones to the average Nigerian at normal price?

Either that or some real good counterfeiters are doing the Nokia brand a terrible damage (you are lucky I decided not to sue for damages). Nokia should do something about this because Nigeria is not a dumping ground for faulty phones. The Standars Organization of Nigeria and the Consumer Protection Council should also use mystery shopping to crack down on this faulty phone business.

Nigerians are daily losing their hard earned money buying supposedly strong new phones that turn out to be substandard, and in these hard times, such bitter experience can be doubly painful.

It shall be well with Nigeria.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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  1. When you go to buy (brand new) phones in Computer Village, give it a thorough check. Don’t blindly assume that because the brandname on the phone is spelt correctly, the phone is not substandard. Put it to the test.

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