Pro Biafran rejects calls to excepel Nnamdi Kanu from Nigeria

A Nairalander, attackgat has rejected calls to expel Nnamdi KANU from Nigeria. He was reacting to a call by DutchBruh calling for Kanu’s expulsion from Nigeria.

In a Nairaland post, DutchBruh had said:

I have never been a fan of Nnamdi Kanu due to his antichrist statements and belonging to the brotherhood of the Jewish founded Freemasons.
There are two options the FG has to neutralise Nnamdi Kanu Support base:
1) Expel him from the country permanently and send him back to UK and get the technology to block transmission of his message
2)Arrest Nnamdi Kanu and the Arewa Youths that issued the quit notice.

But attackgat replied:

He cannot be expelled. It is aganst the law to expell a Nigerian citizen even if that Nigerian citizen rejects their Nigerian citizenship

There is no technology to block his message since the Radio station uses multiple platfirms such as shortwave, app, satelite and internet to broadcast

Nnamdi Kanu has already been arrested and is standing trial. No point arresting him if he has commited any further crime.

Removing Kanu from the Nigerian situation is not going to make the Biafran agitation go away. There are many who will take his place.

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