Possible Solutions For Those Stubborn Rashes In The Head

Guys, you know those stubborn rashes that come from visiting the barbershop of some barbers who don’t sterilize their clippers properly?

They are called nuchal acne.

I saw a thread where people were contributing solutions for it and decided to share with you in case the real solution(s) are there.

I have some candidates I feel are the real solutions but I won’t mention them, since I am not a doctor. Just browse and see if your solution is there.

See possible solutions to nuchal acne here

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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  1. Washing the head frequently with detol antiseptic has proven useful as a home remedy to some. The detol is diluted with some water, but not too much.

    Soap is not added. The fingers are put in the bowl of dettol water and then used to gently scrub the scalp for a few minutes.

    I am not a medical doctor. Just sharing what worked for someone I know.

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