Video: Igbo Money-Making Machine Reveals His Secret For Making Money, Keeping Wife Happy

This man being interviewed has revealed a system that has made him tons of money and kept his wife happy. He spoke entirely in Igbo language.

Watch and tell us if you agree with his money-making style or not. An Igbo expert can interpret it for the nenefit of those who don’t understand our language.


Coronavirus: Haiti records 21 cases, 0 deaths and 1 recovery

I the midst of the storm, good news. Haiti has not recorded a death due to coronavirus. One person has even recovered.

We pray it continues like that.

Religious Zone

Happy Palm Sunday To All Christians

Happy Palm Sunday to all Christians. I know the lockdown might prevent you from going to church. But you can still worship God on television and online.

The most important thing is to reflect on the gift of the Blood Of Jesus.

It is too early to say Season’s Greetings, so I say Happy Sunday.

Health News

Bauchi State Governor Recovers From Coronavirus

The Governor of Bauchi State Bala Mohammed, has tested negative for Coronavirus. This welcome development comes two weeks after testing positive for the virus.

Remember that the governor had revealed that he had the dreaded virus. He imposed self-isolation on himself following contact with the son of Atiku Abubakar.

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Health Video

Coronavirus: Video: Man Allegedly Slumps In Bode Thomas, Illupeju, Lagos

The video below shows a man lying on the ground. According to an eye witness, the man suddenly slumped by the road. The witness went on to warn people against treating coronavirus lightly.

It cannot presently be independently verified if the man slumped as a result of coronavirus, or if there was another reason like drunkenness for instance.

But some people have claimed that coronavirus causes people to slump on the road. Some have even claimed that 5G can cause such.

But the Federal Government has denied introducing 5G. And even if they have, there is currently no evidence that 5G is as dangerous as some people claim.

It is up to people to observe the rules against coronavirus. It is also up to the Federal Government to prove to Nigerians that 5G is not dangerous if the want to introduce it. Anyway, watch the video: