Meet The Amaziong 12 Year Old Running Donald Trump’s Campaign In Colorado

An enterprising 12-year-old boy is running Donald Trump’s presidential campaign office in one of Colorado’s
most vital counties, according to a new report.

Weston Imer runs operations for Trump’s camp in Jefferson County,
KDVR News said Sunday.

Jefferson County is one of the most populous counties in Colorado State, as it includes
part of the Denver metro area.

Imer and his team gather volunteers and run get out the vote outreaches for Trump in the critical
swing state, according to KDVR.

“Get involved,” Imer said Sunday when asked what he hopes to accomplish in his role. “That’s
what I’m going to say. Get involved. Kids need to be educated.”

Laurel Imer, Weston Imer’s mother, said Sunday that she remains Trump’s official field
coordinator for Jefferson County on paper.

Laurel Imer hopes her son’s example inspires other parents to let their own children have similar

“You have a responsibility to your children to teach them,” she said, noting the bipartisan need for
such political education.

KDVR News said Weston Imer starts school next month, so he hopes to perform his job with
Trump’s campaign until at least that time.

Weston Imer is actively recruiting friends to the billionaire’s cause, the station added, and has even
met Trump in person.

“Watch for me — 2040,” he said when asked if he aspires to run for elected office. “And Barron
Trump, if you’re watching, in 2040 I’ll take you as my running mate.” He may just make it.

Bill Clinton started out his presidential journey after shaking President John Kennedy, and Barack Obama first got noticed after he made a speech in presidetial candidate John Kerry’s campaign in 2008.


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