The Summary Of John McCain’s Life

The summary of John McCain’s life is ‘Noble Triumph Over Adversity’.

He spent years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and when released, refused to leave unless his fellow prisoners were also released. He was a super-inspiring hero and leader.

When he found out he was dieing of cancer last year, he refused to leave the senate. He wanted to continue to fight for the American people in his own unique way. And everyone, Democrat or Republican took notice.

He was an extraordinary character. I salute you, hero John McCain.

You were never POTUS as you wanted to be, but I know you have triumphed over adversity, as you usually did. I think John McCain’s death was his final triumph against adversity.

If he had a motto, it was this: To remain unbowed even when defeated. That is an unconquerable attitude.

Joe Biden Is John McCain’s Twin Brother

McCain and ex-VP Joe Biden are very inspiring figures.

Joe Biden, like McCain, has also triumphed over great adversity. He lost his first wife and kids in most tragic circumstances. But he is still serving the American people with great dignity.

Joe Biden had a stuttering issue that he has since conquered through sheer grit. Like McCain, Joe Biden is an inspiration to people in and out of the United States.

Ps: I hope McCain made his peace with God. Joe Biden should return to the senate and succeed Joe Kennedy as the ‘liberal lion’ of the senate.

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