How Yoruba word ‘Olorogun’ became popular chieftaincy title of Urhobo and Isoko People 

By Efewestern

Olorogun is a title which means Chief in Urhobo / Isoko land, the title is usually answered by top chiefs in urhobo land, thou this word has no origin from the Urhobo /isoko language.

Olorogun is a Yoruba word for Chief, it was imported into the urhobo culture by Olorogun Michael ibru, before now the urhobo usually don’t use the title olorogun.

How it became accepted in Urhobo Land

Michael ibru was a popular man in urhobo land, and Nigeria as a whole, when he first answered the title “Olorogun” many chief saw it as something strange, but later on they started addressing themselves as Olorogun in place of chief, this was because michael ibru was seen as a great man in urhobo land so answering the same title with him was seen as a prestigious stuff forgetting the fact that it was not originally from urhobo.


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