Fani Kayode Blasts ‘Dictatorial’ Buhari Over Mass Arrest Of Judges

Former aviation minister and erstwhile spokesperson for the Goodluck Jonathan presidential campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode says Nigeria is in trouble following the abduction like arrest of judges across different states by operatives of the Department of State Security.

In the early hours of Saturday, October 8, attempts were also made to arrest two Supreme Court judges in Abuja, while attempt to arrest a federal high court judge in Port Harcourt was foiled by the state governor, Nyesome Wike.

Reacting through a statement made available to, Femi Fani-Kayode said it’s time for Nigerians to stand up against impunity by security agencies in the Buhari led APC government.

Feani-Kayode wondered why the Judges who were arrested are all southerners and none is a northerner.

“The truth is that we are in trouble in this country. The motherland and all that we hold dear is under attack from a ravenous and dictatorial President and government,” he said.

“When those that are constitutionally charged and empowered to protect us from tyranny and the abuse of power by a vicious, violent, murderous and lawless government and its murderous security agencies are themselves under siege all hope is lost.

“If the judges cannot protect us and if they themselves have become victims of barbarous tyranny then it is time for the people to rise up, take to the streets, resist the evil and fight against our oppressors.

“Sons and daughters of Nigeria, we must not give in to fear and we must not be silenced. We must defend the rights of our people and fight for our homeland.

“Now is the time to protest in any way that we possibly can and to take our country back from these animals and barbarians. Now is the the time to say “enough is enough!”

“If we do not do so we shall be slaves forever. It is our God-given right and sacred duty to resist tyranny in every shape and form. If nothing else history, scripture and all the Holy Books of the three great faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism teach us that.

“Now is the time to shed our fears and to stand up like the true patriots and free men and women that we were born to be and do so. Now is the time to say “thus far and no further” and to say “no more” and be our brothers keeper,” he said.

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