‘3 Missing US Nuclear Bombs No One Can Find’ – BBC Future

The BBC talks about 3 missing nuclear warheads in the report linked to below. It examines chances they can be found and risks.

What? One Mark 15 thermonuclear bomb. Where? Tybee Island, Georgia. When? February 5 1958. How? It was jettisoned to reduce the plane’s weight for a safer landing.

What? One B43 thermonuclear bomb. Where? The Philippine Sea. When? December 5 1965. How? A bomber plane, pilot and nuclear weapon slipped off the side of a carrier boat, never to be seen again.   

What? One B28FI thermonuclear bomb, second stage. Where? Thule Air Base, Greenland. When? 22 May 1968. How? A cabin fire forced the crew to eject, leaving the plane to crash with its nuclear payload onboard. 

Read more about it from the BBC.

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