Coronavirus: 1 Million Deaths!

Coronavirus has taken 1 million lives. 1 million lives! Some countries don’t have up to 1 million people. This is sad. Please, until coronavirus fades away from the world, let us keep taking precautions. Social distancing is must for now. Wear your facemask or your face-shield. Coronavirus is still there. Let us not let coronavirus…… Continue reading Coronavirus: 1 Million Deaths!

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Erica Surges Towards $100,000 GoFundMe

At last count, Elites have raised $67000 for disqualified BBNaija housemate Erica. If they reach $100000, the price money will be bigger than what Laycon was given for winning the reality show. Erica’s fan base really surged after she gave a presentation where she talked about the Igbo entrepreneurial spirit. The talk won her some…… Continue reading Erica Surges Towards $100,000 GoFundMe

Laycon 🌽 Should Spend His N30 Million Wisely

Laycon🌽 should better spend his money wisely. Reports say the house they gave him is for 2 years only (Big Brother why na??). Laycon should therefore spend wisely in order to be able to keep paying that rent. Better still, he should buy a descent house somewhere… Nuff said. Ps: will he do a collabo…… Continue reading Laycon 🌽 Should Spend His N30 Million Wisely