Iran restricts Instagram, Telegram as anti government protests burn like wild fire

Iranian Authorities have temporarily restricted social media networks Instagram and Telegram because anti government protests are being coordinated through them. This suggests that the protests are much more difficult to control for the government.

This restriction means there will be large scale communication disruptions as more than 50% of Iran’s 80 million population is active on the app.

Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov tweeted that Iranian authorities took action because his company refused to shut down “peacefully protesting channels”.
We are watching the Iranian situation and we will bring you more as we get wind of it.

Trump’s Report Card For 2017

When Donald Trump, a colourful businessman who had never held political office, threw his hat in the ring of the 2016 US Presidential election contest, nobody took him seriously. Before then, the consensus about successful US presidential candidates was that they needed to be either senators or governors or generals.
But, here was a New York businessman whose nearest thing to a political slogan -appart from birther comments- was to say to anyone that cared to listen, ‘I am the biggest landowner in New York’. It was difficult to take him seriously politically.
Huffington Post for instance, covered his campaign in their entertainment section not their politics section. Lol.

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