Yesterday’s (18-11-22) Mini Giveaway On FB: Toast Bread Was The Winning Answer!

Yesterday’s Mini giveaway was interesting. Members of our Facebook page were simply asked to mention their favourite snack. And if it tallies with the giveaway inititiator’s favourite snack the person wins.

Well, one person’s favourite snack (toast bread) won.

Congrats. Next mini giveaway? Hmm… Let’s see…

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst


  1. Honestly, this foundation isn’t doing bad, your a really impacting, and putting smile on people face, This is really empowerment but may not know. Some people may say what is 1k but one thousand can solve a very big problem in Nigeria of today. it can make a pot of soup, I’m using this medium to thank you people not necessary to win anything,More grease to your elbow, Ikenga ajukwala nu oyi.Personally I appreciate what you people are doing isn’t easy.God bless your kind heart.Nhi akuku nhi enwe enwe akukwala nu.isee.o

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