US To Fly Spaceship Into The Sun’s Hot Atmosphere

The US space agency NASA is preparing to send a probe to ‘touch’ the Sun.

The probe will go closer than any other spacecraft has ever gone toward the Sun. It is expected to endure the Sun’s massive heat in the exploratory journey. It will study the solar corona to unearth facts about the solar wind.

The Parker Solar Probe, is a robotic spacecraft. It is the size of a small car.

The probe is slated to launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Aug. 6. The exploratory mission will last 7 years.

The Parker Solar Probe
is expected to fly into the Sun’s corona within 3.8 million miles or 6.1 million km from the solar surface.

That is  seven times closer than any other spacecraft has ventured.

“To send a probe where you haven’t been before is ambitious. To send it into such brutal conditions is highly ambitious,” said Nicola Fox, a project scientist from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, while addressing a news conference on Friday.

Could mankind one day find a way to build houses near the Sun?

The United States and other advanced countries are sending spaceships to explore planets, moons, stars, etc.

They are exploring the possibility of mining minerals from asteroids.

When will African countries stop fighting civil wars and join this scienticfic journey?

If Wakanda, the advanced African country in the film Black Panther was real, it would have been a source of real pride in this area.

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