Trump’s Winter Palace, The Bush Dynasty & The US Congress


This book talks about the Trump Winter Palace, a possible pathway to the restoration of the Bush Republican dynasty, and unfolds some interesting facts about the US Congress you probably never knew. Do you know that the Speaker of the US House of Representatives needs not be a member of the US House of Reps?


This book has 3 subjects that have a lot of bearing on US democracy. The first subject, Trump’s Winter Palace examines the royal aspirations of President Donald Trump, a man who once proclaimed that he is the nearest thing to US royalty through the symbolism of what he has called his winter palace.

The second part examines the present decline of the Bush dynasty, arguably America’s most successful dynasty in the light of the decline of several dynasties like the Habsburgs of the Holy Roman Empire and Austro-Hungarian empire, and suggests a way the dynasty might restore itself in a bipartisan way to provide new value for American democracy.

The third subject The Congress Of The United States examines that hallowed institution called the US Congress, and uncovers some very interesting facts not commonly known. For instance, did you know that the US Constitution does not require the Speaker d the House of Representatives to be a member of the House? You’ll discover that Congress is not just about C-Span dignity and somberness; members of Congress can also loosen up and have some good ol’ fun. Discover different caucuses you never knew existed like the Congressional Wrestling Caucus, Congressional Cut Flower Caucus, Congressional Wine Caucus and the difference between Congressional Caucuses and Congressional Committees.