The purpose of this work is to provide a action plan for the development of Igboland. Igboland can become an economic tiger if we harness some of the many economic clusters she has developed. This book identifies wasted opportunities so we can start to develop them asap.


The Nigeria-Biafra War destroyed the economy of Igboland. Millions of Igbos were massacred. Many Igbo cities were destroyed. Sources of capital dried up. Analysts doubted if the Igbos would ever rise again after such calamity.

But within a few short years, Igboland bounced back in a way that defies explanation. The Igbos have resiliently risen up and built business clusters brimming with pent up economic energy seeking for more opportunity to express itself.

The purpose of this work is to identify some of these clusters, look at their challenges, and identify solutions that can take them to the next level. The goal is to see Igboland become a developed territory that would contribute enormously to the economic growth of the country.

By identifying the above, stakeholders can easily formulate and implement action plans that would inevitably lead to development. Stakeholders meant here include the state governments, businesses, NGOs, communities, think tanks and any other entities that have a stake in the development of Igboland. And so, we begin:


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