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I was meant to be disqualified by Big Brother – Tacha opens up

BBNaija star Tacha has finally opened up her disqualification by Big Brother Naija. In the chat with Punch I linked to, Tacha makes some shocking revelations about her stay in Big Brother and other things.

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US Embassy Describes Poor Medical Services In Nigeria

See how the US Embassy website described medical services in Nigeria.

“Ambulance services are not present throughout the country or are unreliable in most areas.

“Adequate health facilities are available in major cities, but health care in rural areas may be below U.S. standards; Public medical clinics lack basic resources and supplies; Private hospitals usually require advance payment or proof of adequate insurance before admitting a patient; Generally, in public hospitals, only minimal staff are available overnight (in non-emergency wards).”

Do you agree or disagree?


US Officials Assure Trump Wont Touch Iran Cultural Sites

It’s war crimes for Trump, US soldiers if that happens, they say.


Colombian Afro Americans

7 Afro-Colombian Bands From Palenque de San Basilio You Should Check Out

Kombilesa Mí are a nine-member ‘rap folkloric Palenquero’ collective. Their music combines Caribbean rhythms like cumbia, mapalé, champeta, bullerengue, son palenquero, puya, African soukous and hip-hop with lyrics delivered in the Palenquero language.

One thing about rap; you can enjoy the beats even if you don’t understand the language. Afterall, music is a universal language.

If you can, go Palenquero this year. In terms of rap, Colmbian Afro Americans want to step up like US Afro Americans. #BeatsByDrDre


Ohaneze Youth Council Urges Igbos To ‘Be Their Brother’s Keeper’ In 2020

Igbos should be their brothers keeper in the face of any adversity and provocative threats in other to avoid being sacrificial Lamb and major casualties in the hardship that awaits Nigerians in 2020…hunger and tough year awaits all.