Nigerian town where kids who grow upper teeth first are smashed on trees

Hello Zikists, I saw this online and I just couldn’t believe it. I decided to share it with you guys.

On the (Saturday) 20th of May, i was called by a foundation (live-bridge foundation) to follow them to a Community that still kills twins and 3plets children in FCT. i thought it was a joke, until we got there.

The communities name is KIYI along Kuje-Gwagwalada road Abuja. When we reached there, we saw hose children that where saved from this cultural carnage. If the child grows upper teeth before the lower teeth, he/she will be smashed on a tree trunk as sacrificed to the Oracle. And if a breastfeeding mother dies, the child will be buried alive. Also, they kill albinos children. Livebridge is working tirelessly to stop this cultural carnage.

In addition to that, we did several medical examinations to treat those children, and took some to national hospital for emergency treatments and surgeries. Vin Heritage homes where the children are saved is founded by a missionary pastor, who usually goes to the ‘evil’ forest to pick some of them that are still alive. Sometimes, some of the mothers that give birth to twins/3plets had to run discretely to the orphanage to donate one and present one to the community.

below are some pictures starting from the ‘evil’ forest


This is unbelievable. Could it be true. Chai!

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