N1 Million Nigerian Cattle Ranch Grants: Abia State Should Imitate Kenya’s Seed Of Gold

It is not about giving out the N1m. Abians needs to be educated on what ranching is all about through the state’s ministry of agriculture by running some weeks features on it on TV. 

They should go to YouTube and watch how Kenya’s Seed of Gold packaged urban diary farming, one will feel like going into diary farming the next day!
They should offer training to intending farmers transferring knowledge on best practices, how to formulate feeds, best breed for milk production, fattening techniques and innovative ideas such as hydroponics, where within a small space fodders are being grown for the cows then converting the cow dung generated in the ranch into cooking gas for the farmer and his neighbours.

It is beyond offering one million naira.

By Pavore

Source: Nairaland.com

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