Igbos are the largest ethnic group in Nigeria, Africa even

In every state you go to in Nigeria they are there. In every non Igbo state, they are the second largest group after the indigenes who are the ancestral owners of the land. 
In every country in the world, they are there, making waves. In the United States alone, mordern Igbos, excluding those taking there during the Transatlsntic Slave Trade are in excess of 200 000. Most of the slaves taken to the Americas, from Brazil to Cuba, to Janaica, to the USA were Igbo. The Proto Bantus and aborigines of Ife were Igbo. Today the Bantus which we started number 250 million and comprise several Central and Southern African countries. But Igbos must be humble at all times. Pride is useless.

We pay tribute to all ethnic groups that contributed to this phenomenon called the Igbos. They include the Hebrew, Nubians, Igalla, Ibibio and too many others too numerous to mention. They contributed people who joined Igbo culture.

Finally, here is to wishing the Yoruba nation, the owners of Lagos and an equally great nation, the Great Hausa Fulani nation, and indeed all Great Nigerians a wonderful new year.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst