Group Claims Responsibility For Drone Attack On Venezuela’s President

A group called Soldiers in T-shirts has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s drone attack on Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro.

Recall that President Maduro was making a speech at an armed forces event when the drone attack happened.

Two drones reportedly flew towards him before exploding.

He was unharmed.

Presidential bodyguards quickly surrounded him with bullet-proof shields.(It seems they should start carrying along bomb-proof amour too.)

The group made the announcement on social media, the BBC has reported.

In the statement, the group said it had planned to fly two explosive- packed drones at Mr Maduro.

The group said its drones were shot down by soldiers.

The group did not respond to media requests for comment.

There is a little confusion. Mr Maduro has blamed Colombia’s outgoing president, Manuel Santos for the attack.

Drone Attacks Accompanied Kite Attacks In Recent Israeli-Palestinian Standoff

Recently, Palestinian youths protesting against Israel flew in burning kites into Israeli farms.

The burning kites landed on crops and farming equipment, settling them on fire.

The farmers say drones wer also used.

Israeli officials say the drones and kites were fitted with molotov cocktails.

Also, the farmers reported that they lost millions of shekels worth of property and crops to fires resulting from the attacks.

Sadly, Venezuela has been going through a lot lately. Many in the country are starving. The currency has collapsed. Inflation keeps flying off the handle.

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