Gloria Ogbonnaya Wins 600 Cashable Igbodefender Gifts (600 Naira) For This Creating This Content

Gloria Ogbonnaya has won 600 Cashable Igbodefender Gifts (600 Naira) for making this content “Cool. I like this” on

Gloria would have actually won 1500 Cashable Igbodefender Gifts (1500 Naira) had she actually made a translation. Something like “Ofe Ogbono is Ogbono Soup in English”. But it’s all good. Gloria can still win the 1500 if she makes 2 correct translation comments there within a day of this post. We’ll be watching… often rewards it’s registered users for the quantity, quality and/or originality of the content they create on the site.

Well done Gloria. Please make a Withdraw Request at any time to turn your Cashable Igbodefender Gifts to Cash Gifts From Igbodefender! Note: if you are not logged in, the Withdraw Request form will not show.

Guidance on how to quickly redeem your gifts for cash

Assuming you have already registered on the site (it’s free), log in first. Then see screenshots below for guidance. Note: in the amount space put in an amount not less than N500 then click Submit. That’s it. Just wait to receive your alert.

Then click on Payment Settings
Just put your bank name and account number. Ignore Routing number and other requirements if you are residing in Nigeria.
After putting bank name and account number, click save and wait for new page to load
In the new page select the amount you want redeem (not less than N500 currently and then click Submit Request.

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By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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