US presidential primaries: Trump bounces back, wins New York – Hillary Clinton too

Donald Trump
For Trump, winning ways are back again.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has bounced back to his winning ways as he captured New York in the Republican primaries in a dramatic victory on Tuesday. He is so popular, he won by 80 percent in many parts of the frontline American state, and is poised to take a lions share of the 95 Republican delegates he and his rivals contested for.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary also won on the Democratic side.

The win increases Trumps lead over rivals Ted Cruise and John Kasich.

Trump rival Ted Cruz was unhappy with the results.

Meanwhile Ted Cruz characterised the victory as just ‘ a candidate winning his home state’ and has moved on to another state to campaign.

But Trump’s momentum may lead him to win new states in the next primaries and cement his lead and possibly avoid a delegate fight at the convention.

In the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, who has never-the-less vowed to stay on in the race.

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