Between Ogbeonicha, Anioma, Delta State And Ogbonicha/Alloma Kogi State

Today, we bring you news of Ogbeonicha in Anions, Delta State, and Ogbonicha/Alloma, Kogi State.

Igbodefender believes in feeding historians with food for research about Igbos and her neighbours.

Why are these two towns named similarly? Is there any historical linkage/where there historical interactions?

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We told you previously of such similarities as Egbeda in both the Igbo part of Rivers and in Lagos, of Ife in both today’s Yoruba Land and Igbo Land. Ogba in both today’s Yoruba Land and Igbo Land, etc.

We have told you of what Ooni of Ife said of the Igbo Aborigines of Ile Ife.

But today, our interest is unearthing the relationship if any between Ogbeonicha and Ogbonicha. #DropMic

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

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