Anastasia Lands In OPM PH To Claim Aguba As Husband

Annastasia Michael, the young Nigerian lady who volunteered on Facebook to marry rescued Nollywood actor Kenneth Aguba, has landed at OPM Port Harcourt in search of Aguba so she can profess her love to him and they can live happily ever after as man and wife.

She made the trip all the way from Enugu State. Annastasia took to Facebook to announce her travel in search of Aguba. In one picture, you can see her with her traveling suitcase on her head in front of the bus that brought her from Enugu.

In another picture she appears to be crying again, probably after she didn’t see Aguba in OPM field. She made a post that she searched for him in the field but didn’t find him there. It is not known why she thought he’ll be in the field, possibly playing a game of football?

However, in another picture, she is smiling. Maybe she has encouraged herself.

She says she will extend her search for Aguba to the OPM Free Estate where Aguba now lives. We’ll keep you posted. 😂

See photos of her landing here

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