Arewa Youth Threat On Igbos: Develpeast Calls For Asset Recovery Fund

Following the recent disturbing call by some Northern Nigerian youth groups for Igbos to leave the Northern region, despite the fact that Igbos have the constititutional right as Nigerians to settle anywhere in Nigeria, and despite the myriad Igbo investments in the region, Develpeast a Nairalander has called for Igbos to set up an Asset Recovery Fund (ARF) to make sure Igbos recover the value of their huge investments in the region in the eventuality of their being forced to leave the region.

He also went ahead to provide alternative contingency plans. He further called for a grand convention of Igbos to converge on Igbo Land this Christmas season to develop contingency strategies based on his suggestions. He is of the opinion that Igbos cannot just leave investments worth billions if asked or forced to leave the North, as that would spike the crime rate in Igbo Land. It is good for Igbos to look at what he said. Read below:

The total assets of Igbos around the country can be put to 200 trillion naira as at 2016. This is quite a huge sum to leave for others to take advantage of. Our brothers must not come empty handed back to the east because it will skyrocket the vices in the region. I urge all of you to pedal down alittle so that we can set up Asset Recovery Fund (ARF).

For us to fully relocate our assets to the east with ease,
the igbos have to make deals with banks and other industries in other regions so that they can sell of landed properties, houses and hotels to them. They will need to sell to banks who will in turn sell to customers and rent it out to people.

More so, the igbo men can even sell to an igbo real- estate company who will in turn give it out to a leasing company that will manage the buildings for him until we recover totally the amount that has been spent in those areas. This might take more time than the way we are pushing for referendum. This is the best way to go about making those men from the north not run mad because they have been so attached to their properties, leaving them behind is tantamount to giving them heart attack and of course, many will die.

We call for supreme convention whereby all igbos should come home this december and lets discuss constructively how we can relocate their assets and families back to the region. The first set that will return are the children.

We pay more than 50billion yearly outside the region on education alone. If we channel that amount in the east, many school owners will provide better education in the region. We need to build many boarding houses so that they can stay there until their parents finally relocates to the region.

By OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender

Digital marketer and Marketing analyst