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Ben Murray Bruce Excited As His Friend Boris Johnson Recovers From Coronavirus

Commonsense Senator Ben Murray Bruce has tweeted his excitement that his friend the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has recovered from the dreaded coronavirus.

The senator, who recently said he misses Nigeria and wishes to return wrote:

Welcome back Mr Johnson. May God others currently suffering from this dreaded virus and may food supplies become available for those suffering from hunger as a result of lockdowns.

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Prince Charles Has Recovered From Coronavirus – Long May He Live

The Prince of Wales, aged 71 has recovered from coronavirus. His recovery gives hope that elders contracting coronavirus is not a death sentence.

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Nigerian Economy Begining To Bounce Back – Oba1ni

I saw this analysis of the economy made by Oba1ni on Nairaland and reposted it here. He provides indices, whch he says proves that Nigeria’s economy is improving. Read on and tell me if you agree with Oba1ni.

Do you notice that something very very significant happened few days ago but, somehow it passed almost unnoticed even in the ever busy cyber community. The almost graveyard silence about the unexpected increase in monthly revenue generation forced me to believe Nigerians are more keen on spreading stories of failure and always seem sceptical and reluctant to share stories of success. Well, here’s President Buhari’s story.

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Igbo actress Georgina Onuoha recovering from 8-year sickness

Not many know that Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has been ill with a life-threatening ailment for almost 10 years, but onSunday she shared photos of herself recovering in a US hospital and wrote, “Thank you Lord for your healing and saving hands upon my life…For 8 years I have battled this illness and at every life threatening moment, you’ve reassured me of your love. I will forever thank thee as I recover slowly.”

Get well soon, Ma.

See photos Georgina recovering on the hospital bed. This is Inspiring Equianoism.