Air Peace: Fresh Facts Reveals Aircrafts Were Lawfully Purchased By Allen Onyema

According to fresh facts from Sun, Allen Onyema didn’t break the law in purchasing aircrafts from the US.

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We await official confirmation so that there will be closure in this matter.


Allen Onyema’s Cancellation Of $1.1 Billion Boeing Order Revisited


Allen Onyema And The US Indictment

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How Allen Onyema Used Generous Equianoism To Expand The Reach Of Air Peace And How You Can

Recently, the South African Government granted permission to the Allen Onyema’s airline, Air Peace to commence commercial flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. Continuation is below:

Development Resourceful Equianism Resourcefulness

Mazi Allen Onyema’s Air Peace to expand operations to 7 international cities in 2019

Mazi Onyema said Air Peace is going to give the flying public a reliable, safe, affordable and comfortable alternative on some international routes, including Dubai, Sharjah, Guangzhou-China, Mumbai, London, Houston and Johannesburg.

This is Resourceful Equianoism. Mazi Onyema is steadily building a global brand.

Remember that Air Peace had earlier this year ordered 10 Boeing 737 MAX planes! That’s a great feat. The terms of the deal show Boeing’s great confidence in Air Peace.

The feats of Air Peace remind me of another Igbo company, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, IVM.

Igbos have an in-built cultural DNA that attracts success to them. That DNA is called Equianoism.

It is the equivalent of the American Dream that attracts success to Americans.