Macron and the French Revolution

France’s political culture is steeped in revolution. Once upon a time, angry French protesters kicked Queen Marie Antoinette and her husband from the throne.

Then even several of the protest leaders that kicked out Marie Antoinette were also kicked out from top leadership in bloody, fatal protests.

A few centuries ago King Louis Phillipe of France, the so-called banker-king faced similar protests to the one Macron is currently facing. One day, he just packed his bags and fled the French royal palace.

Charles De Gaulle, the man who saved France from Hitler, had to chase himself away when student protests rocked France in the 1970s.

Today, it is a yellow vest protest movement that is trying to chase Macron from the Elysée Palace.

France is a very difficult place to run. The past  2 presidents of France served only a single term.

Now there is a concerted effort to add Macron to the list. Every Saturday, rather than sit back and watch soccer, some French protesters try to topple President Macron. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown indeed.

For Queen Marie Antoinette, the French protesters accused her of asking the French to ‘eat bread’.

Today’s Yellow Vest protesters accuse Macron of using anticipated language.

France France France, even your anthem is revolutionary!

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